Redwood Warehouse MME Progress

The mechanical, plumbing, and electrical system rough-in installations are taking shape at the Redwood Warehouse MME project in the southwest part of the Las Vegas valley.  In addition, the interior and exterior CMU working is taking place also.

Progress photos are below:

Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 2 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 3 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 4 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 5 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 6 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 7 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 8 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 9 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 10 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 1


Lo-Lo’s Restaurant Photos 1-7-16

As the project nears completion and the owner starts to add the finishing touches of tables, art work, signage, and other items for their opening, Breslin Builders is completing our last items to complete the project.  Final inspections have been received and now the owner is working on getting things ready for their opening, anticipated for later this month.

Progress photos are below:

Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 4 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 5 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 6 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 7 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 8 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 9 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 10 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 11 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 2 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 3

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles Progressing

The Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant remodel project in northwest Las Vegas is progressing with the interior finishes starting to take shape.  The new bar canopy is being installed.  The exterior storefront and glazing is being installed.  The kitchen upgrades and remodel is also being finalized.

This project is currently anticipated to open the first of 2016.

Progress photos are below:

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 13 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 3 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 4 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 5 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 6 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 7 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 8 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 9 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 10 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 11 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 12 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 1 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 2

RJ article about the three restaurants we are doing at Carson and 7th

Breslin Builders has provided design-build services for not only the shell facade remodel, but also all three of the restaurants mentioned in this article. We look forward to finally being able to complete this work once NV Energy provides the needed power upgrades to the building. In addition to the shell and the restaurants, we also provided some interior finish updates to the existing barber shop, A Cut Above, that remains at the building.

Core3D Centres remodel work in progress

Now that we have the permit in hand, Breslin Builders is actively progressing with the remodeling of Core3D’s new facilities. New restrooms, remodeled offices, added break room, and other upgrades are in process for their new dental lab and equipment. Progress photos on some of the work are below:

Core3D Progress - 1

Core3D Progress - 2

Core3D Progress - 5

Core3D Progress - 6

Core3D Progress - 8

Permit issued for Core3D Centres project

The permit for Core3D Centres’ new Las Vegas location has recently been issued by Clark County Building Department and the remodel work can begin. The project is located at 6440 Schirlls Street in Las Vegas, Nevada within an existing office/warehouse building the owner purchased and contracted with Breslin Builders to provide design-build services. Core3D Centres provides various services to the dental industry including manufacture of various types of dental implants, teeth, and other related services and products. They will be moving from their current smaller space into this new facility once completed.

Working closely with Core3d Centres, Breslin Builders and our design-build subcontractors (Fleming Air, US Plumbing, and Helix Electric) provided design and engineering services of the new project, including various changes within the space, enlarged restrooms, added control and QC areas, storage rooms, new upper level exit stairs, upgrades and changes to the existing HVAC system, and other areas and items needed to make the existing space with with their requirements. The space will house their various milling and 3D printing machines, as well as computer and support facilities related to their business. The biggest hurdle for the project is the added electrical loads their American and German made milling machines require, which require an upgrade to the main building service, that we are working with Helix Electric and NV Energy to provide. The existing warehouse will be refinished and upgraded with full air conditioning in place of the existing evaporative cooling system. New finishes throughout the project are being provided, as well as new exterior painting. We anticipate this project to be completed early summer.

More information about Core3D Centres can be found here.

Work progressing on Sears Retail at 7th and Carson

Work is starting to progress on the new retail and restaurant spaces at 7th and Carson, known as the Sears Retail. Due to the age of the structures and typical of many of the projects we are involved with downtown (built originally in 1955 with an addition in the 1970’s), the building required asbestos abatement procedures before any further work could take place. The abatement work has been completed and investigative work for the new tenant restaurant spaces has begun.

Breslin Builders is providing design-build services for the project which include a new facade and two new restaurant spaces. The existing barber shop is remain in place and we will be building around them. Plans have been submitted to the City of Las Vegas for the facade and shell remodel, with restaurant plans nearing completion for permits. Look for the new facades and new restaurant spaces to be completed and opened Fall 2014.

Sears Retail - Conceptual Rendering

Sears Retail – Conceptual Rendering – (c) Breslin Builders – 2014

Sears Retail Progress April 201401

Sears Retail Progress April 201402

Sears Retail Progress April 201404

Sears Retail Progress April 201434

Breslin Builders starting design work on two new restaurants…

In addition to the facade and shell remodels at the existing Sears Retail building at the northwest corner of 7th Street and Carson Avenue (west of the Downtown Container Park), Breslin Builders has recently been awarded contracts from Downtown Project to provide design-build services for two new restaurants within the remodels shell space.

Both restaurants will be new tenant improvements within the existing shell space including new kitchen areas, restrooms, support space, as well as indoor and outdoor dining space.  One restaurant will focus on standard American cuisine while the other is to be a Vegan restaurant (including an anticipated certification from the Green Restaurant Association, which Breslin Builders is working with the owner and his representative to achieve).

These two new additions, as well a future vacant restaurant space, are being built within the to be remodels shell space already in place, and will join the “A Cut Above The Rest” barber shop already within the building.  The new facade and shell remodel will bring much needed updates to the aging building, new utility services for the restaurant spaces, as well as new facades for each space giving each location their own individual appearance.  The original building was completed in 1955 with an addition in the mid-1970’s.  While many of the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems are outdated and antiquated, the shell and “bones” of the building are good and will be reused.

We anticipate construction to start mid-May once permits have been issues from the City of Las Vegas with an anticipated opening of the updated center (except for the barber shop which will remain open during construction) in the Fall 2014.  Breslin Builders is excited to add yet another mark on downtown Las Vegas, including one across the street from the recently completed Downtown Container Park, also a design-build project completed by Breslin Builders.