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Breslin Builders has been selected as part of the development team involved on a new and exciting, as well as unique, project being developed in the City of Henderson, Nevada at the intersection of Boulder Highway and Sunset. Chosen for our experience in similar project types, including our highly successful design-build efforts provided for the Downtown Container Park, and our relationship with Xtreme Cubes, we are ready to lend our insight, design-assist services, and ultimately be the general contractor of record for theBLOQparq project.


More information about the project and team can be found on their recently launched website –


We look forward to breaking ground in 2021!


Winchell’s Pub & Grill Eastern | July 2020 Progress

Breslin Builders is providing refresh and update design-build services for the existing Winchell’s Pub & Grill located at 10620 S. Eastern Ave. in Henderson, NV.  We are refreshing the kitchen area, the bar area, and the dining room areas.  Future improvements will also include an update to the patio area.

Progress photos are below:

Standard Restaurant Supply | November 2018

Breslin Builders was selected to provide construction services for the Standard Restaurant Supply remodel at the existing facility at Russell Road and Valley View Boulevard.  While the scope was fairly simple and included some existing office demolition to open up more warehouse space, cut in new openings in the existing CMU walls, as well as build some new walls for their showroom and sales area expansion, we none the less had to work around an existing operating business.  Various methods including dust walls, water misting, and ventilation were used to keep the existing public areas open and safe during the work.

Progress photos below:


Craig and 95 Retail Shell Progress | April 2018

Breslin Builders has been awarded a new retail shell project for Ten15 Craig Tenaya LLC, part of the Dapper Companies in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The new project will be constructed on a pad ready site at 7130 West Craig Road (adjacent to the existing Kneaders).  The 3,240 square foot shell space will be set up as two future restaurant tenant spaces.  We anticipate a tight schedule of 90-120 days for completion.

Before photos are below:

Lotus of Siam Flamingo – Interior Photographs

Below are photographs of the continued interior remodel work and finishes to date at the new Lotus of Siam restaurant location at 620 E Flamingo Road in Las Vegas, Nevada.  While we are still working on the wine room addition in the private dining area, the balance of the restaurant has been opened and a steady stream of customers are once again enjoying the meals and experience Lotus of Siam provides.  Once we fully finish the work we will capture final images, but below are some “work in progress” photographs.

Lotus of Siam – Wine Room Addition

Continuing with the remodel work Breslin Builders had previously completed at the Lotus of Siam Flamingo location, work on the new climatized wine room is progressing with the wall framing taking place.  The work will provide a new climatized room to enclose the existing wine racks already in place.  A new mechanical system is being provided to allow the space to be conditioned to the proper temperatures needed for the wine being stored.

Progress photos are below:

Lotus of Siam | Flamingo – Open for business

The new Lotus of Siam at 620 E. Flamingo, a remodel that Breslin Builders has recently completed for the restaurant, has opened.  We are excited to provide our design-build services at their new location.

Check out this article about the opening – click here.

In addition to the full remodel work,  we will also be completing an additional climate controlled wine room in the private dining room.  We will also be starting the design and construction services on their previous location at Commercial Center on Sahara Avenue to renovate and restore it for operations again.

Photos of the new space are to follow also.

Lotus of Siam – Flamingo progress

Breslin Builders is currently working on the remodel of the existing Roy’s at 620 E Flamingo for another location for the Lotus of Siam restaurant.  This location will be in addition to their prior location on East Sahara, which Breslin Builders will be remodeling after this location is completed.

Working with the owners, we are closing in the existing open kitchen with new walls and server doors, updating the bar area with new equipment, new paint, finishes, carpeting, and other similar items throughout.  Additionally, we will be providing a new wine room in the private dining area to house their extensive wine collection.  In addition to the interior remodel work we are also providing some exterior updates and repairs also.

Progress photos are below:

Domino’s Pizza TI Progressing

Breslin Builders has started the tenant improvement construction efforts for a new Domino’s Pizza at the existing shopping center at the northeast corner of West Sahara and South Decatur. The space converts two vacant tenant spaces into one Domino’s Pizza establishment. To date demolition work and underground plumbing installations have been completed. Look for this new location to open in Spring 2017.

Kemp Retail Completed

Breslin Builders has recently completed the Kemp Retail Center on Cactus in southwest part of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The inline retail center includes a free standing restaurant drive-thru pad shell building also.  Other items included as part of the project include full half-street improvements on Cactus, a pump house for the required fire pump (due to low water pressure in the developing area), and full site improvements.

Photos of the completed work are below:

Freedom Beat at Downtown Grand – Remodel Work Started

Breslin Builders has started the remodel work for a new restaurant and bar venue at the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino (which we completed the original remodel and conversion of the property from the old Lady Luck Hotel and Casino to the new Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino).  The new venue is called Freedom Beat and will replace the original venue called S+O (Stewart + Ogden), as well as the adjacent red room.  Work is currently progressing with the final build out anticipated towards the middle to end of September.

Progress photos are below:

Lo-Lo’s Restaurant Photos 1-7-16

As the project nears completion and the owner starts to add the finishing touches of tables, art work, signage, and other items for their opening, Breslin Builders is completing our last items to complete the project.  Final inspections have been received and now the owner is working on getting things ready for their opening, anticipated for later this month.

Progress photos are below:

Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 4 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 5 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 6 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 7 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 8 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 9 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 10 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 11 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 2 Lo-Lo's Restaurant Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 3

Lo-Lo’s Restaurant Nearing Completion

The design-build restaurant remodel project, Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, located at Rainbow and Lake Mead at the Best In The West shopping center is nearing completion with an anticipated January 2016 opening.

This project is a remodel of an existing Tony Roma’s restaurant and conversion to a new Lo-Lo’s location, the first in Nevada.  In addition to new finishes and decor to match the Lo-Lo’s style and the remodel to incorporate an outdoor dining area, we also provided full kitchen upgrades, upgrades to the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems, as well as ADA upgrades for the restaurant.

Progress photos are below:

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 2 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 13 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 14 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 15 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 16 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 1 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 2 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 3 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 4 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 5 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 6 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 7 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 8 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 9 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 10 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 11 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 12

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles Progressing

The Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant remodel project in northwest Las Vegas is progressing with the interior finishes starting to take shape.  The new bar canopy is being installed.  The exterior storefront and glazing is being installed.  The kitchen upgrades and remodel is also being finalized.

This project is currently anticipated to open the first of 2016.

Progress photos are below:

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 13 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 3 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 4 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 5 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 6 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 7 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 8 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 9 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 10 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 11 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 12 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 1 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 2

Cactus Plaza – Kemp Retail project starts

Breslin Builders has started the earthwork and underground utility portion for a new project being constructed on Cactus Avenue in the southwest part of the valley, 3600 West Cactus, just east of Valley View.

The project will consist of two retail building spaces totaling over 20,000 square feet.  In addition to the shell retail/restaurant spaces, Breslin Builders will be providing full on-site improvements, as well as half street improvements for Cactus Avenue.

Westar Architects is the architect of record on the project.

Some recently site progress photos are below:

Kemp Retail 10-22-15 - 3 Kemp Retail 10-22-15 - 4 Kemp Retail 10-22-15 - 5 Kemp Retail 10-22-15 - 6 Kemp Retail 10-22-15 - 2 Kemp Retail 10-22-15 - 7 Kemp Retail 10-22-15 - 1

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles demo work in full swing

What was once part of the dining area has been removed and preparations are making way for the future outdoor patio area at the new Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant at 2040 N. Rainbow Blvd., in the northwest part of the Las Vegas valley.  The restaurant, a former Tony Roma’s, is being converted to a new Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, the first franchise location in Las Vegas.

Breslin Builders is providing design-build services for this new restaurant remodel and addition, with the demo work being to first scope of services provided.  Permits are approved with the City of Las Vegas Building Department and we will be shifting into full construction work.

We anticipate the restaurant opening by the end of 2015.

Progress photos are below:

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 5

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 6

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 4

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 3

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 2

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 7

Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles on Rainbow Progressing

Breslin Builders has started the selective demolition work for the new Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant at the Best in the West center at Rainbow and LaKe Mead in northwest Las Vegas. The project is a remodel of a closed Tony Roma’s restaurant into a new Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles, which will be the first location in Las Vegas. The project consists of a complete kitchen remodel, bar remodel, dining room finish changes, addition of a new outdoor patio area, and other minor adjustments for the new location and brand. Some recent site photos of the progress are below. Working closely with the owner’s team, Breslin Builders has provided design-build services for the project. Look for the new new location to open in November 2015.

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 8-27-15 - 29

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 8-27-15 - 30

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 8-27-15 - 31

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 8-27-15 - 28

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 8-27-15 - 19

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 8-27-15 - 20

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 8-27-15 - 17

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 8-27-15 - 13

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