Redwood Warehouse Nearing Completion

The Redwood Warehouse project is nearing completion and gearing up for the owner to install their equipment and fixtures to start working the MME cultivation facility.  Breslin Builders provided design-build services for the project, converting an existing metal building vehicle storage and maintenance facility into a new MME cultivation facility.

Progress photos are below:

Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 4 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 5 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 6 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 7 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 8 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 9 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 1 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 2 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 3

Westwood Cultivation Progress

Breslin Builders continues our progress on the Westwood Cultivation MME facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This facility is being located within an existing warehouse structure and will have about 25% over the overall space developed in this phase, with future work and phases to be completed after opening and needed NV Energy power feed upgrades are performed.  This is our second MME cultivation project in the works, with others on the “drawing board”.  In addition to the cultivation facility, we are also providing design-build services for a fully separated production facility located at the same location.

Progress photos are below:

Westwood Progress - 14 Westwood Progress - 12 Westwood Progress - 13  Westwood Progress - 8 Westwood Progress - 10 Westwood Progress - 2 Westwood Progress - 3 Westwood Progress - 4 Westwood Progress - 5


Redwood Warehouse MME Project Work Starts

The permits for the Redwood Warehouse project have been issued and the work at the site is starting to take shape.  This is one of Breslin Builder’s numerous medical marijuana cultivation facility projects we are current working on.

This project consists of the conversion of an existing 20,000 square foot warehouse into a cultivation facility, with Phase I being constructed now and a future Phase II to finish out the grow rooms as needed.

As with the others, this one is a design-build project we have provided design services for and are now providing construction services on.  This project is set to finish in April 2016.  Progress photos area below:


Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 1 Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 2 Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 3 Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 4 Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 5 Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 6