All-Storage Inspirada | April 2018 Progress

Progress continues on the All-Storage Inspirada project.  The third level is framed, roof insulation and panels are being installed, the manager’s apartment is framed with rough-ins starting, site CMU fencing is starting, and finished mechanical and electrical installations are taking place in the storage areas.

Progress photos are below:

Cactus Retail Building Project Progressing Upward

After months of grading, utility underground, and foundation work, the Cactus Retail project is finally building upwards.  The center retail building had rough framing completed and the westerly building has the perimeter CMU block wall completed, ready to start rough framing of this building.

Progress photos are below:

Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 2Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 3Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 4Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 5Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 6Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 7Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 8Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 1

Progress on PDQ West Sahara

Breslin Builders is in the process of building PDQ Restaurant’s second Las Vegas area location (our first project was their PDQ Craig Road location in North Las Vegas, Nevada). This one is located on West Sahara at Richfield Boulevard. Framing is in progress. Look for a summer opening on this location.

Progress photos are below:

PDQ Sahara Progress1

PDQ Sahara Progress2

PDQ Sahara Progress3

PDQ Sahara Progress4

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