Happy New Year from Breslin Builders

As we bid farewell to 2015 and look forward to the new projects, adventures, and developments 2016 will bring, we want to thank our clients that we were able to provide services for in 2015, and look forward to working with our new clients and projects in 2016.

Breslin Builders looks forward to a prosperous new year.  Contact us if your 2016 plans include any new developments, remodels, or other design-build or construction related services.  We provide services all other the Las Vegas valley including Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, as well as the other surrounding areas.  No project is too big or too small for us to completed.  We look forward to reviewing your project needs and providing the best solution to help you and your company or organization advance in 2016.

Lo-Lo’s Restaurant Nearing Completion

The design-build restaurant remodel project, Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, located at Rainbow and Lake Mead at the Best In The West shopping center is nearing completion with an anticipated January 2016 opening.

This project is a remodel of an existing Tony Roma’s restaurant and conversion to a new Lo-Lo’s location, the first in Nevada.  In addition to new finishes and decor to match the Lo-Lo’s style and the remodel to incorporate an outdoor dining area, we also provided full kitchen upgrades, upgrades to the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems, as well as ADA upgrades for the restaurant.

Progress photos are below:

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 2 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 13 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 14 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 15 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 16 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 1 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 2 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 3 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 4 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 5 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 6 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 7 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 8 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 9 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 10 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 11 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-30-15 - 12

Redwood Warehouse MME Project Work Starts

The permits for the Redwood Warehouse project have been issued and the work at the site is starting to take shape.  This is one of Breslin Builder’s numerous medical marijuana cultivation facility projects we are current working on.

This project consists of the conversion of an existing 20,000 square foot warehouse into a cultivation facility, with Phase I being constructed now and a future Phase II to finish out the grow rooms as needed.

As with the others, this one is a design-build project we have provided design services for and are now providing construction services on.  This project is set to finish in April 2016.  Progress photos area below:


Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 1 Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 2 Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 3 Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 4 Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 5 Redwood Warehouse Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 6

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles Progressing

The Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant remodel project in northwest Las Vegas is progressing with the interior finishes starting to take shape.  The new bar canopy is being installed.  The exterior storefront and glazing is being installed.  The kitchen upgrades and remodel is also being finalized.

This project is currently anticipated to open the first of 2016.

Progress photos are below:

Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 13 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 3 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 4 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 5 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 6 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 7 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 8 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 9 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 10 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 11 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 12 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 1 Lo-Lo's Progress Photos 12-4-15 - 2

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles demo work in full swing

What was once part of the dining area has been removed and preparations are making way for the future outdoor patio area at the new Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant at 2040 N. Rainbow Blvd., in the northwest part of the Las Vegas valley.  The restaurant, a former Tony Roma’s, is being converted to a new Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, the first franchise location in Las Vegas.

Breslin Builders is providing design-build services for this new restaurant remodel and addition, with the demo work being to first scope of services provided.  Permits are approved with the City of Las Vegas Building Department and we will be shifting into full construction work.

We anticipate the restaurant opening by the end of 2015.

Progress photos are below:

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 5

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 6

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 4

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 3

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 2

Lo-Lo's Progress 9-16-15 - 7

Hualapai Mini-Storage design started

Breslin Builders is providing design-build services for a new 90,000 square foot mini-storage project to be located no an in-fill parcel at Hualapai Way and Tompkins on the west end of the Las Vegas valley. The project is currently going through land-use approvals with Clark County. The project has multiple buildings across the property providing a variety of storage unit sizes and options, including a center two-story building with air cooled units, an office, and a manager’s apartment. Working with Foster Day I LLC, Breslin Builders will be providing both design and construction services for this project, expected to break ground 1st/2nd quarter 2016 once the needed land-use approvals and building permits are in place. A conceptual rendering of the project is below.

Hualapai Mini Rendering 11x17

Zydeco Po-Boys Restaurant finishing up

Breslin Builders last restaurant in the Sears Retail building at 7th and Carson is finishing up and getting ready to open in a few weeks. As with the other two restaurants (Glutton and Vegenation), as well as the facade remodel, Breslin Builders provided design-build services for this project. Below are some progress photos of the interior finishes.











Galleria Arte Fino open for business at Town Square

Breslin Builders recently completed the new art gallery in the heart of Town Square in Las Vegas, Nevada, Galleria Arte Fino. The two story gallery space use to be a PUMA retail store. Breslin Builders provided both design and construction services for the project. The gallery houses high end paintings and sculptures for sale.

For now here are some exterior photos looking into the space. More interior photos will be posted once we have them.

Galleria Arte Fino Exterior1

Galleria Arte Fino Exterior2

Galleria Arte Fino Exterior3

Sears Retail Center Progressing – More Photos

Breslin Builders is progressing with the updates to the Sears Retail Center, including the work on the exterior facade and site changes and upgrades, as well as the interior restaurant build-outs for Glutton and Vegenation. The last part of the facade work at the west end expansion is being completed in preparation for the interior work of Zydeco Po-Boys Restaurant to take place, which the building permits have finally been approved by the City of Las Vegas. Once we have the upgraded power feeds installed by NV Energy, we can complete the balance of the open items and prepare for final completions.

Interior and exterior progress photos are below:

















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