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Akita Events Center design work progressing

Breslin Builders is currently working on the schematic design for a new 50,000 plus square foot multi-use events venue at the south end of the famed Las Vegas strip.  The multi-purpose venue will feature various uses including a flexible 1,600 plus seat concert venue, nightclub venue, exhibition hall, and other various uses (sporting events, fashion shows, etc.), providing maximum flexibility for the owner, while still providing a unique entertainment experience.  Not being tied to a specific resort in Las Vegas will allow for a variety of unique uses and shows, while still being close enough for patrons to be close to the other events taking place on the Strip.

The structure is designed to have various levels within the facility. A full basement for back-of-house services and offices, including a full service kitchen, is being provided.  The main and upper levels are for public use including seating areas when in concert mode, and open floor areas when in nightclub mode (the seating is removable on the main level and retractable on the upper level).  Various bars, restrooms, and other services are provided on these levels also.  In addition to the indoor uses, there is a small roof top deck area allowing for spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip, the airport, and surround mountains.  Within the various areas will be unique design features including an oversized high heel shoe used as an entrance feature to one of the women’s restrooms.  With the building design also comes associated site work requirements including upgrades to the existing parking lot, off-site street work, and stubs for a future 6,000 square foot restaurant space.  This will truly be a unique venue like no other on the Las Vegas Strip.

Below is the current architectural rendering of the project:

Exterior architectural rendering of the Akita Event Center

Exterior architectural rendering of the Akita Event Center