If you are looking to see what your project or development should cost, review of specific project requirements with regards to utilities, existing conditions, zoning, code and municipal requirements, pre-design services, or other items needed to get your project out of the ground, Breslin Builders’ team can provide these services.

Conceptual budgets at development milestones can be provided based on prior vast variety of project history, as well as our network of subcontractors and consultants we work with and have relationships with.

Working with our industry connections and past processes with the local utility companies (NV Energy, Southwest Gas, municipalities, etc.), we can work to understand the existing conditions and potential requirements and other items related to your project ensure a smooth start.

Preliminary scheduling services can be provided to ensure the project will meet your project deadlines, understand the critical path items (design, construction document development, permitting, land-use and other entitlements, utilities, etc.), and when you can occupy your new project or development.

Other services we offer include:

Regardless of the method used for project delivery, Breslin Builders has the team and tools to help our client realize their dreams and projects.  Contact us to discuss how best we can help you.