Breslin Builders and the owner work together on the project at a negotiated fee, skipping the competitive bid process with many general contractors.

Typically this type of services results in a negotiated fixed fee for our services and we work with our subcontractor base to get the best possible price and service based on the project requirements.  As with all of our other project delivery methods, all contracts, costs, fees, etc. are "open book", and the owner is part of the decision making process with regards to costs, subcontractors, schedules, etc.

This method is ideal for those that have an architect or design professional on board but would rather skip the competitive bidding process and simply negotiate with Breslin Builders as their chosen general contractor.

Other services we offer include:

Regardless of the method used for project delivery, Breslin Builders has the team and tools to help our client realize their dreams and projects.  Contact us to discuss how best we can help you.