Breslin Builders is always looking for quality qualified subcontractors to partner with on our projects.  Having a good sub base is key to a successful project.  We are however selective with our subcontractors and want to make sure the relationship between Breslin Builders and our subcontractors fit the needs of the project, as well as meet the needs of the company.

Any new subcontractor looking to be part of the potential bid and selection list for our projects MUST be pre-qualified first.  To do so, please submit the following information via email (or it can be hand delivered to our office) so we can review and assess the fit for Breslin Builders and our clients/projects.

If you choose to submit your information via email, submitted your information to

Required information for our consideration minimally includes:

  • Company marketing packet and or company resume
  • Key contact information
  • Commercial reference (minimum of six) to include contact name, telephone number, and fax number or email
  • Current copy of your Nevada State Contractor's Board License
  • Current copy of ALL business licenses (State of Nevada, City of Las Vegas, Clark County, City of North Las Vegas, City of Henderson, Boulder City)
  • Current certificates of insurance (general liability, automobile liability, workers comp)
  • Completed current W9 form

Once all the documents are received we can evaluate and see where your company might be a fit with Breslin Builders and our projects.  Please ensure ALL information is submitted at the same time to ensure a timely and consistent review.  Requirements of the project, scope of work, client needs, etc. will determine the type and number of bids we request.  We encourage bids from SDV/BE, MBE/WBE, and/or SBE.

We look forward to receiving your information.