Cactus Plaza Expansion | July 2019 Progress

Work on the retail expansion at Cactus Plaza is progressing and stucco work has been completed.  The work involves the expansion of the end cap space into an existing patio area to allow more space for a future tenant improvement.  In addition to the new walls and stucco work shown in the photos below, the existing sloped patio slab was removed and a new flat slab was provided, as well as additional insulation, reworking of some minor plumbing and electrical items, and eventually the installation of new storefront systems in the existing opening and removal of the existing south facing storefront to expand the interior area.

Breslin Builders provided the original construction for the center in 2015-2016 and are providing design-build services for this new expansion work.  The work is progressing and will be completed by the end of July 2019.

Progress photos are below: