Westwood Cultivation Progress

Breslin Builders continues our progress on the Westwood Cultivation MME facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This facility is being located within an existing warehouse structure and will have about 25% over the overall space developed in this phase, with future work and phases to be completed after opening and needed NV Energy power feed upgrades are performed.  This is our second MME cultivation project in the works, with others on the “drawing board”.  In addition to the cultivation facility, we are also providing design-build services for a fully separated production facility located at the same location.

Progress photos are below:

Westwood Progress - 14 Westwood Progress - 12 Westwood Progress - 13  Westwood Progress - 8 Westwood Progress - 10 Westwood Progress - 2 Westwood Progress - 3 Westwood Progress - 4 Westwood Progress - 5