Breslin Builders starting design work on two new restaurants…

In addition to the facade and shell remodels at the existing Sears Retail building at the northwest corner of 7th Street and Carson Avenue (west of the Downtown Container Park), Breslin Builders has recently been awarded contracts from Downtown Project to provide design-build services for two new restaurants within the remodels shell space.

Both restaurants will be new tenant improvements within the existing shell space including new kitchen areas, restrooms, support space, as well as indoor and outdoor dining space.  One restaurant will focus on standard American cuisine while the other is to be a Vegan restaurant (including an anticipated certification from the Green Restaurant Association, which Breslin Builders is working with the owner and his representative to achieve).

These two new additions, as well a future vacant restaurant space, are being built within the to be remodels shell space already in place, and will join the “A Cut Above The Rest” barber shop already within the building.  The new facade and shell remodel will bring much needed updates to the aging building, new utility services for the restaurant spaces, as well as new facades for each space giving each location their own individual appearance.  The original building was completed in 1955 with an addition in the mid-1970’s.  While many of the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems are outdated and antiquated, the shell and “bones” of the building are good and will be reused.

We anticipate construction to start mid-May once permits have been issues from the City of Las Vegas with an anticipated opening of the updated center (except for the barber shop which will remain open during construction) in the Fall 2014.  Breslin Builders is excited to add yet another mark on downtown Las Vegas, including one across the street from the recently completed Downtown Container Park, also a design-build project completed by Breslin Builders.