Downtown Project – Container Park progressing…

Breslin Builders has been selected by Downtown Project as the design-build contractor for the unique and innovative container park project to be located at the southeast corner of East Fremont and 7th Avenue in downtown Las Vegas.

The project, covering a full half city block, will have a variety of uses housed in various “shipping containers” and “X Cubes”, as well as train cars, on the site.  Ranging from retail spaces in the X Cubes to food and beverage venues in the shipping containers, this will be a development like no other in the world and one that will provide needed services to downtown.

In addition to construction services, Breslin  Builders is leading the design for the site and the various venues/uses.  In addition to the retail spaces and the food and beverage spaces, a play ground, a dog park, a grassy stage area, a Vortex Immersion Dome, and other decks (both at grade and raised) are provided as part of the overall development.

The project uses a variety of materials to house the different uses.  We will be “converting” standard shipping containers to house the food and beverage uses (currently including a coffee shop, a taco restaurant, a BBQ restaurant, a cheese and wine venue, and a bar) with each being contained in two 40 foot shipping containers.  Other containers will be used for small retail uses, elevated deck areas, and part of the playground structure.  The retail uses will be multistory (two and three story areas) and will be using Xtreme Manufacturing’s X Cube product.  Breslin Builders is excited to work with Xtreme Manufacturing, located locally in Las Vegas, Nevada, and their product, which will provide a great and flexible retail venue for the project.  The playground will be a mix of shipping containers and traditional commercial playground components to provide a play ground area that is interactive and fun for the users, but also one that ties into the overall theme of the container park.  The Vortex Immersion Dome will be a geodesic dome structure with an interior project screen to allow for a full 180 degree visual experience, both inside and outside.  The train cars, including a caboose and a box car, will be a barber shop for L.A. based Bolt Barbers, making their way to the Las Vegas market.

Breslin Builders also has worked with DTP’s team for the land-use processing, with final City Council approvals expected mid-October.  Plans are under development for the entire site with initial ground breaking scheduled for November 2012, with a completion in second quarter 2013.  Breslin Builders also provide demolition services for the existing Motel 6 buildings previously located on this site, 707 East Fremont.

Photos and more information can be found on the Downtown Project website – click here.