Martin-Lawrence Galleries Phase II approved…

Breslin Builders has substantially completed Phase II of the Martin-Lawrence Galleries at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This has allowed the gallery to start moving in their artwork and ready the space for public access and use.

The space expands on the previously completed Phase I display area and builds out the balance of the 27,000 square foot lease space.  Phase II area provides a flexible open space for movable art display walls (Mila-Wall system), but also will allow for other functions to be completed including potential fashion shows, auctions, etc.  This two-story gallery project was a remodel of the previous tenant (a high-end auto display and auction space), and provided some challenges, like the existing conditions of the concrete floor, to get the space ready to display high-end art work.

In the end, Breslin Builders has provided a unique space to serve as the display backdrop artwork for many well known artists.  Photos of the space are below.