Lady Luck Hotel and Casino work moving forward…

Breslin Builders is pleased to announce that we have been released to start some additional work at the existing Lady Luck Hotel and Casino project in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are updating/redoing the exterior EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) skin and waterproofing systems from approximately 20 feet off the ground and up on both of the existing room towers (east and west towers – the lower portion will be completed when the casino podium work is completed).  As part of this work we will be infilling the existing recessed areas (which formally contained a pinkish neon tube and gold metal shroud) and caulking the existing wall joints and windows frames.  We will also be power washing and painting the existing fluted CMU block walls (stairs towers).

We are also bring interior areas of the hotel towers up to current code requirements by providing a code compliant top of wall and edge of slab fire stopping system.  This work will be completed on the existing hotel room floors from floor three and up on both towers.

Additionally, we are installing a completely new central plant system for the entire project, which will initially provide chilled and heated water for the existing air conditioning and heating systems in both towers, but ultimately will serve other areas of the project when they are completed.  This scope not only includes the equipment setting and hook up, but also includes earth work, concrete footings, and the concrete equipment pad, as well as coordination and installation with Southwest Gas, NV Energy, installation of water piping, hydronic piping, associated cooling towers and installation of the mechanical equipment screening.

This work will further progress some of the other work we have already completed at the site including some selective demolition and renovation work (i.e. changing of old plumbing waste and vent lines, etc.).  Breslin Builders is excited to be working on this next phase of items and looks forward to the day when the entire project is completed and becomes the “new place to be” in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.