Walgreens MGM Facade Remodel

Walgreens MGM Facade - Night View NW Corner DawnWalgreens MGM Facade - Daytime PhotoWalgreens MGM Facade - Existing Building PriorWalgreens MGM Facade -  North FacadeWalgreens MGM Facade -  West Upper Kalwall WallWalgreens MGM Facade -  New Front Entrance Area
Walgreens MGM Facade - Details - Tower CornerWalgreens MGM Facade - Details - Tower Glass and EyebrowWalgreens MGM Facade - Details - Tower Corner and KalwallWalgreens MGM Facade - Details - Tower W ReflectionWalgreens MGM Facade -  New Front North Wall AreaWalgreens MGM Facade -  Details - Front Storefront
Walgreens MGM Facade -  New North StorefrontWalgreens MGM Facade - Details - Kalwall Sign SupportWalgreens MGM Facade - Details - Green CrossWalgreens MGM Facade -  Existing Wall New Colors

We have added photos of the work we completed for the Walgreens MGM Facade Remodel for the Walgreens on Las Vegas Boulevard South across from the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. Breslin Builders provided the design (working with Walgreens Corp.) and construction for the facade remodel.