Martin-Lawrence Galleries Phase II – Breslin Builders starting work…

After a successful completion of Phase I, Breslin Builders is starting design and construction work for Phase II of the Martin-Lawrence Galleries at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  For this phase, Breslin Builders will be providing both design and construction services.  This phase of the work will be completed in two parts.

The first, which is currently in for permits, is the installation of almost 3,000 square feet of curtain between Phase I and Phase II, which will protect the completed Phase I area from sound and dust from Phase II construction activities (Phase I area has been opened for business).  We anticipate a building permit from the Clark County Building Department any time.  This work will involve the installation and suspension of theatrical style trusses and rigging from the existing girder trusses some 80 feet overhead to which the dust curtain will be connected.  Breslin Builders is providing the design, documentation, permitting, and overseeing the construction on this part of the work.

The last part is the design and construction of Phase II (the balance of the almost 27, 000 square foot retail space).  Breslin Builders, in conjunction with the owner’s concept architect out of New York, Edward Asfour, is providing the final design and documentation services for the project.  We anticipate submitting to the Clark County Building Department for permit approvals the first part of September.  This phase will include many of the same features as Phase I, including additional art exhibit spaces, more viewing rooms, administrative office spaces, VIP viewing areas, and other back-of-house uses.  Phase I’s exhibit walls were fixed in place, while Phase II’s walls will be flexible, “exhibition show” style, to allow for a variety of activities and uses to take place in this large open area.  Phase II will also include the build out the second story areas that already exist in the space from the previous tenant.

Construction will begin as soon as permits are in hand and the work will be completed on a fast track schedule to allow opening on the space by the end of the year.  We are excited to be able to provide another quality project for Martin-Lawrence Galleries at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.