RGG – Zappos.com – City of Las Vegas City Hall – Breslin Builders Completes Phase II Due Diligence Report…

Breslin Builders recently completed the Phase II Due Diligence Report for Resort Gaming Group (RGG) for the new Zappos.com headquarters at the old City of Las Vegas City Hall complex in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

This report, continuing on the Phase I Report we completed earlier this year, further identified areas and items that need to be replaced, updated, and/or improved for this 40 year old complex (the original complex was built in the early 1970’s). Working with Resort Gaming Group and representatives from Zappos.com, Breslin Builders, along with our various consultants and subcontractors, have provided a detailed report of items identified in the Phase I report as needing further investigation including: review of the existing mechanical systems, glazing systems, structural systems, plumbing systems, site ADA and drainage systems, fire/life safety systems, as well as other code related items and reviews. We also have worked closely with various City of Las Vegas departments to ensure we have the best information available to provide a complete and accurate report.

This report will give RGG and Zappos.com the needed tools to provide the upgrades and changes needed to make the existing complex a comfortable, secure, and productive environment for Zappos.com’s daily operations when they relocate to the building in 2012. From here Breslin Builders looks to continue on to the next phase to start the work to correct and update/upgrade the items identified in the Phase II Report.