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Galleria Arte Fino open for business at Town Square

http://gordonattard.com/mlm-millennials-show-seb-brantigan-interview/ Breslin Builders recently completed the new art gallery in the heart of Town Square in Las Vegas, Nevada, Galleria Arte Fino. The two story gallery space use to be a PUMA retail store. Breslin Builders provided both design and construction services for the project. The gallery houses high end paintings and sculptures for sale.

Almeirim For now here are some exterior photos looking into the space. More interior photos will be posted once we have them.

Misoprostol oral tablet no prescription discount Galleria Arte Fino Exterior1

Galleria Arte Fino Exterior2

Galleria Arte Fino Exterior3

Galleria Arte Fino getting finishes

Breslin Builders is putting the finishes in for the Galleria Arte Fino at Town Square. Flooring, final painting, millwork, and other items are being installed to complete this project for an anticipated March 2015 opening. The space originally was a PUMA retail store that is being converted to a two-level art gallery.

Progress photos are below:

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 01

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 02

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 03

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 04

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 05

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 06

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 07

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 08

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 09

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 10

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 14

Galleria Arte Fino Progress 150219 15

Galleria Arte Fino at Town Square remodel progressing

Breslin Builders has recently pulled the building permit for a new high end art gallery at the existing Town Square shopping center at Las Vegas Boulevard South and Sunset Road. Breslin Builders is providing design-build services (design and construction) for the nearly 6,000 square foot project. Working closely with the gallery owners, we are converting the existing two story PUMA shoe store into the new “Galleria Arte Fino” space, which will sell high end art work, sculptures, and other related items.

The two story space will have new display areas on both levels. understanding the owner has a budget to work within, Breslin Builders worked closely with our key subcontractors, and specifically GM Whitney Electric, to reuse as much of the existing lighting and other electrical features, to keep remodel cost down. We were able to reuse much of the existing track lighting on the main level, while adding a new less expensive system to the remodeled upper level, which was one PUMA’s storage room. Also as part of the design we worked around the existing in place restrooms, again to minimize the impact on the client’s budget. New paint, display walls, flooring, and other items needed to convert the existing shoe retail spaces into a high end art gallery are being provided. We are even providing two “swing walls” that can be swung out from the wall to create smaller display areas for various collections, provided flexibly use of the overall space.

This space, located at the heart of Town Square, will be their home base for future satellite facilities on the Las Vegas Strip, and bring a different venue to Town Square that they currently do not have. Construction is anticipated to be completed mid-January.