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Oquendo Center Remodel Started

Breslin Builders is providing the first part of an extensive remodel at the Oquendo Center (also known as the Western Veterinarian Conference Center).  This remodel updates and expands the veterinarian teaching and clinic areas within the existing facilities, expanding needed kennel space, vet teaching areas, and other support facilities.

As with many remodels, the facility remains operational during our construction efforts and we are working in concert with the facility to ensure compatibility with their operations.

This makes the second project we have completed in 2016 for OC and WVC (the first was an addition of a full size autoclave machine) since we originally built the facility almost a decade ago.

Some progress photos of our construction efforts are below:

New Page – Services Offered

We recently added a new Services page to our website highlighting the variety of services Breslin Builders offers to our clients.  We understand that each project is unique, requiring a different skill set to accomplish the goals of each project.  Breslin Builders’ team has 35+ years of experience in a variety of areas to help you accomplish these goals.  Check out our Services page to see which project delivery method is best suited for your project.  Contact us if you want to learn more about Breslin Builders and how we can make your project go from just a dream to reality!