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Redwood Cultivation Expansion | September 2018

Breslin Builders has been retained to continue our design-build services for the expansion work at the existing Redwood Cultivation marijuana grow facility we complete in 2016 (also as a design-build delivery method in 2015-2016).  Two additional grow rooms, one for vegetation, and one for flowering, will be added to the facility in the unfinished area remaining from Phase I of the work.  Drawings for permit are currently being prepared for issuance to the Clark County Building Department for permits.


Sobb Avenue Warehouse | September 2018 Progress

The foundation reinforcing is progressing on the new warehouse project Breslin Builders is providing design-build services for. Foundations in areas have been poured.  On-site utility installations have started also.  Grading for the panel casting slabs have been completed.

Progress photos are below:


Sobb Avenue Warehouse | August 2018 Progress

After many long months and coordinate efforts between the civil engineer, building, and the County, the final permits have been issued from Clark County Building and Safety.  The foundation reinforcing is progressing on the new warehouse project Breslin Builders is providing design-build services for. Off-site utility installation for the water line is progressing.

Progress photos are below:

Sobb Avenue Warehouse | July 2018 Progress

Grading work is progressing on the new warehouse project Breslin Builders is providing design-build services for. We are working towards final building department approvals, but we are able to get some initial grading started.  In addition to having to import to the site, we also provided on-site crushing efforts to break down the larger caliche boulders found on-site.

Progress photos are below:

Sobb Avenue Warehouse | June 2018 Progress

Breslin Builders has started the site work for the new 32,000 square footage multi-tenant Sobb Avenue Warehouse project.  Clearing and grubbing is taking place in anticipation of a final civil improvement permit.  Additionally, the site will have rock crushing and caliche removal started.  Progress photos are below:

Sobb Avenue Warehouse progress

Breslin Builders has completed the construction documents and recently submitted the Sobb Avenue Warehouse project to Clark County for approvals. We anticipate an April 2018 start pending final Clark County Building Department and Fire Department approvals.

An updated rendering of the project is below.

Lotus of Siam – Wine Room Addition

Continuing with the remodel work Breslin Builders had previously completed at the Lotus of Siam Flamingo location, work on the new climatized wine room is progressing with the wall framing taking place.  The work will provide a new climatized room to enclose the existing wine racks already in place.  A new mechanical system is being provided to allow the space to be conditioned to the proper temperatures needed for the wine being stored.

Progress photos are below:

Lotus of Siam | Flamingo – Open for business

The new Lotus of Siam at 620 E. Flamingo, a remodel that Breslin Builders has recently completed for the restaurant, has opened.  We are excited to provide our design-build services at their new location.

Check out this ReviewJournal.com article about the opening – click here.

In addition to the full remodel work,  we will also be completing an additional climate controlled wine room in the private dining room.  We will also be starting the design and construction services on their previous location at Commercial Center on Sahara Avenue to renovate and restore it for operations again.

Photos of the new space are to follow also.

Kemp Retail Completed

Breslin Builders has recently completed the Kemp Retail Center on Cactus in southwest part of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The inline retail center includes a free standing restaurant drive-thru pad shell building also.  Other items included as part of the project include full half-street improvements on Cactus, a pump house for the required fire pump (due to low water pressure in the developing area), and full site improvements.

Photos of the completed work are below:

Oquendo Center Remodel Started

Breslin Builders is providing the first part of an extensive remodel at the Oquendo Center (also known as the Western Veterinarian Conference Center).  This remodel updates and expands the veterinarian teaching and clinic areas within the existing facilities, expanding needed kennel space, vet teaching areas, and other support facilities.

As with many remodels, the facility remains operational during our construction efforts and we are working in concert with the facility to ensure compatibility with their operations.

This makes the second project we have completed in 2016 for OC and WVC (the first was an addition of a full size autoclave machine) since we originally built the facility almost a decade ago.

Some progress photos of our construction efforts are below:

Kemp Retail Progressing

The new retail center on Cactus just west of the I-15 is progressing with the second retail building framed and the first building being wrapped for stucco.  Off site work along Cactus is progressing also including curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and other street improvements.

Progress photos are below:

Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 17-1200 Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 15-1200 Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 13-1200 Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 14-1200 Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 12-1200 Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 11-1200 Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 10-1200 Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 8-1200 Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 7-1200 Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 6-1200 Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 4-1200 Kemp Retail 5-6-16 - 2-1200

WVC Oquendo Center Autoclave Project

Breslin Builders is providing continued design and construction services for the WVC Oquendo Center facility, located on Eastern and Oquendo in Las Vegas, Nevada, by providing the needed building modifications and additions for a new full size walk through autoclave installation.  The autoclave will allow for faster and more efficient cleaning on the various equipment, tools, and other items used during their veterinarian and medical education classed provided at the world class facility.  Breslin Builders assisted with the initial design and provided construction services for the facility.

Working with Getinge for the autoclave machine, Breslin Builders provided the needed documentation for permits from Clark County Building Department.  A new recessed pit, additional mechanical, plumbing, and electrical services to the machine, as well as a new prep sink and cleaning area are being provided within the existing facility.  Working closely with the facility managers, we are able to provide the services needed while the facility stays operational, which generally includes a new continuing education seminar each week.

Progress photos are below:

WVC Oquendo Center Autoclave 3-24-16 - 1 WVC Oquendo Center Autoclave 3-24-16 - 2 WVC Oquendo Center Autoclave 3-24-16 - 3 WVC Oquendo Center Autoclave 3-24-16 - 4 WVC Oquendo Center Autoclave 3-24-16 - 5

Redwood Warehouse Nearing Completion

The Redwood Warehouse project is nearing completion and gearing up for the owner to install their equipment and fixtures to start working the MME cultivation facility.  Breslin Builders provided design-build services for the project, converting an existing metal building vehicle storage and maintenance facility into a new MME cultivation facility.

Progress photos are below:

Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 4 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 5 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 6 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 7 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 8 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 9 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 1 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 2 Redwood Warehouse Progress 3-18-16 - 3

Cactus Retail Building Project Progressing Upward

After months of grading, utility underground, and foundation work, the Cactus Retail project is finally building upwards.  The center retail building had rough framing completed and the westerly building has the perimeter CMU block wall completed, ready to start rough framing of this building.

Progress photos are below:

Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 2Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 3Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 4Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 5Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 6Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 7Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 8Cactus Retail Progress 3-4-16 - 1

Westwood Cultivation Progress

Breslin Builders continues our progress on the Westwood Cultivation MME facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This facility is being located within an existing warehouse structure and will have about 25% over the overall space developed in this phase, with future work and phases to be completed after opening and needed NV Energy power feed upgrades are performed.  This is our second MME cultivation project in the works, with others on the “drawing board”.  In addition to the cultivation facility, we are also providing design-build services for a fully separated production facility located at the same location.

Progress photos are below:

Westwood Progress - 14 Westwood Progress - 12 Westwood Progress - 13  Westwood Progress - 8 Westwood Progress - 10 Westwood Progress - 2 Westwood Progress - 3 Westwood Progress - 4 Westwood Progress - 5


Redwood Warehouse MME Progress

The mechanical, plumbing, and electrical system rough-in installations are taking shape at the Redwood Warehouse MME project in the southwest part of the Las Vegas valley.  In addition, the interior and exterior CMU working is taking place also.

Progress photos are below:

Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 2 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 3 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 4 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 5 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 6 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 7 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 8 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 9 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 10 Redwood Warehouse MME Progress Photos 1-7-16 - 1


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